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"Sehr cool, sehr clever, ziemlich sexy und sogar witzig"
Mitek produce, release and promote new scandinavian artists within the field of underground electronic music, ranging from abstract minimalism to experimental techhouse.

Andreas Bertilsson & Angela Lorenz in Berlin
Andreas Bertilsson, Angela Lorenz
Two Abstract Paintings
Audiovisual concert; exhibition
+ DJ: Decibel (Mineral)

Music constructed from field recordings of very small pieces of matter -- dry leaves, bits of wood, paper and dust --; visuals based on photograms of the same objects. The exhibition shows a series of 20 of the photograms rendered as limited edition prints.

Thursday 2006-04-06, 22:00 -- Werkschau


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New release Mitek21 - Various Artists - Do You Copy?.

After 5 years, 20 releases and numerous of live shows all around the world, we thought that we should do something special. So we came up with the idea that it would be interesting with a whole bunch of creative artists having a take on the mitek catalogue.

As well as we during the years made many many friends all over so why not invite some of them and get a more "international" touch .. so we did and what we got is stunning - what we have here is 27 artists and 28 tracks, ranging from minimal sound-scapes via electronica to club appealing tracks, most of them reworking the mitek catalogue, taking snippets here and there, creating something unique, a new and fresh take on the older material .. Like Son of Clay creating a low-key and beautiful piece out of Mikael Stavöstrand's "Lite", Jeff Milligan with his minimal and fluffy rework on Son of Clay, Folie with his own special touch, taking every 4 bar out of "XX" you have a guess which one .. Midaircondo with a stunning take on Sophie Rimheden and so on..

Each track with a different approach in it's style and method, a really good overview of what is going on at the moment, with artists from Sweden, Norway, Iceland, England, Denmark, Germany, England, Mexico, Canada and the US

The double CD also comes with a beautiful poster designed by Alorenz.

Note for german customers,this release will be out in Germany at the end of March, elsewhere it is out now.

Tracklisting CD1
01. Midaircondo - Talkuin2it
02. Mikkel Metal - Famil
03. Folie - Form meets dysfunction
04. Smyglyssna feat. Bas-1 - You Think 2 Much
05. Jens Lodén - Ju Inte
06. Son of Clay - Now is the time for your tears
07. Svalastog - No oil work
08. Jeff Milligan - The problem with strakova
09. Johan Fotmeijer - Flowers
10. Jay Haze - Feelings are hard
11. Minimalistic Sweden - Kiváló
12. Mokira - The bum that will bring us together
13. Sophie Rimheden - The Real Way (Mitek Version)
14. Bulgur Brothers - Snowy&Frosty
15. Pellarin - Love without effort

Tracklisting CD2
01. Theodor Zox - Zepto swing lite
02. Ozy - Buxurnar eru magnari
03. Skugge&Stavöstrand - Rotated Twist
04. Per Mikael - Johanneberg cares
05. Anders Ilar - Between the digits
06. [a]pendics shufffle - Belive me you
07. Ozy - Airhead
08. Plug - Brick-Vak
09. Fenin - Rice'n Peas
10. Johan Skugge - Foolio
11. Håkan Lidbo - Sieg halelujah!
12. Lineas De Nazca - Cerro de la estrella
13. Tonne - WF/60